Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update & Question

I think I'm over my bullshit. But I'll have to wait and see to find out for sure. 

In the meantime, SFRSHS school is hiring for a research assistant in the psych department, but in a different sub-field. I wasn't sure if I was going to apply, because I don't know how much more rejection from this institution I can take. 

BUT, if I'm not going to end up in grad school in the fall, I figure landing an RA position can't do anything but better my chances in the future. 

So - my question - if there is no name listed on the job listing itself, who do I address the cover letter to? The department? 


Psych Post Doc said...

Can you figure out through the listing who's lab you'd be working in? If so, I'd put that person's name.

Otherwise, I'd probably go with To Whom it May Concern.

I think having a backup plan is a great idea and sometimes it really does make a difference to get your foot in the door (which is what the RA position could do for you).

Ambivalent Academic said...

Can you call and ask to whom you should address it? I think that's safer than going with a generic address.

JLK said...

There's nothing on the department pages, and there is no name affiliated with the job posting. It doesn't even list the department officially.

They have their own job listing website that is separate from the university pages, and you have to apply through there. So I'm not sure if I should try to find someone to ask, or just address it to the sub-field faculty as a whole. It gives me no clues whatsoever as to who is the PI.

This would be the first academic job I have ever applied for, so any advice for impressing with paper is appreciated, especially considering the lack of information on the posting itself.

Psych Post Doc said...

I have had this issue before as well, when applying for RA positions. I think it's a university thing, as typically facutly really want to see who is applying for their job posting.

I think the way to be most impressive on paper is to write a kick ass cover letter. Outlining enthusiam for the job as well as all the many ways your qualifications meet the job ad and also add in a sentence or two about how the job can help you meet your goals.

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