Sunday, February 1, 2009

Me Encanta Mexico

I'm a bit limited on time because of the Superbowl tonight, so pictures will have to go up another time. But here's the synopsis of my trip. 

I stayed in Puerto Morelos on the Riviera Maya, about a half hour south of Cancun. The weather was beautiful all but one day, 86 degrees and sunny about 62 degrees after sundown. The water was warmer than the Atlantic is on its best day, but not nearly as warm as the Pacific in Hawaii. Needless to say, I did not spend much time in the ocean for that very reason. 

This was the first vacation I have ever taken where the vast majority of what I did consisted of laying on a lounge chair and drinking. We only left the resort twice - once to go to Xcaret, and once to go to Playa del Carmen. Quite frankly, I got kind of bored. 

I drank much, much, much more than I probably have in my entire life. Ah, the joys of the all-inclusive. I also smoked my first Cuban cigar. (Actually, it was my first cigar ever - so not a bad one to start with.) Managed to smuggle some cigars back into the US. 

I did shots of tequila with my bartender, Roberth, who also helped me to vastly expand my Spanish vocabulary. I was amazed at how well I could speak the language once we got down there. Back home the only Spanish I ever hear is of the Puerto Rican variety, which just doesn't seem to conform to the academy Spanish I learned in school. In Mexico, by contrast, Spanish is spoken clearly and with seemingly little slang. By the time we left I was having dreams in Spanish. LOL So Roberth would be making me a drink and I would ask (in my cutest tipsy voice), "Como se dice 'drunk' en espanol?" And he would laugh, pass me a shot of Don Julio tequila, and say "Barracha, Senorita. Estas barracha?" And I would wink and say "Si, estoy barracha. Demasiado mucho tequila, Senor." (I have no idea how to do accent marks on here, so I know my writing Spanish is inaccurate.) Regardless, it was a blast. 

Xcaret was awesome. I got to see some Mayan ruins, swim with dolphins, hold some parrots, see a puma and two jaguars, and a fantastic show detailing Mayan and Mexican history and culture including a Mayan ball game followed by a game of Mayan hockey that involved a ball of fire as the puck. 

In Playa del Carmen I did some shopping and got my first massage for $30/hr. Did a "tour" of the Lapis jewelry factory because it was free, but it turns out that it's really just a fanfared visit to a huge jewelry store where they want you to buy shit. I (unknowingly) tried on a $27,000 necklace and nearly shit myself when the guy told me the price. It was something sick like a 15ct total weight white and black diamond necklace in an XOXO pattern. It was gorgeous. But I left Lapis with nothing but a pendant of my name in the Mayan alphabet set against a turquoise background. Playa was fun, but I hate being hassled by street vendors so I tired of it quickly. 

The one thing that I did not do that I regret was visit Tulum or Chichen Itza to see the Mayan cities. Compared to the Aztecs, the Mayans never really "did it" for me until I went to Mexico. Now I'm borderline obsessed, and I can't wait to get a book from Amazon of their history. All I could think the whole time was how cool it would have been to actually see their culture during the heights of their civilization. During the Mexican show at Xcaret, I actually teared up when they depicted the Spanish conquistadors coming and destroying their temples. I am now determined to learn at least one Mayan ritual dance and buy those shell things they wear around their ankles. 

I would highly recommend the resort we stayed at, so if anyone is planning a trip to Mexico feel free to email me and I will give you the details of the hotel. It's fantastic for people with kids because of all the activities they have and the price was great, especially considering it was a 4-star resort. 

All in all it was a great trip. I got a fabulous tan and managed to get away with just one hangover and a new drink called the Miami Vice, which is pina colada and strawberry daiquiri mixed together. 

Pictures are forthcoming. 


Psych Post Doc said...

Sounds like a great trip. Can't wait to see the pictures.

I've been to Mexico twice but never got a chance to see the ruins. Next time I definitely want to do that.

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