Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Phizzle and JLK

PhizzleDizzle and I met up this evening for some drinks and food after finding out that we were geographically close enough to each other for it to be feasible. It was AWESOME!!!

PD posted that it felt a lot like a first date with a match from some online dating website, and I totally agree with that though, like her, I never actually used any of those sites. 

I wasn't really nervous, but I did wonder whether we'd run out of things to talk about, what kinds of things would be off-limits if any, whether she'd like me offline, etc., etc. 

We talked for like 3 1/2 hours. About everything. Had it not been a weeknight, we probably could have closed the place down. It was fantastic to talk to someone so well-versed in so many different subjects! I learned a lot about computer science too!

If it was a first date, it would have been a freakin' awesome one. LOL.

PD is definitely one H-O-T chick, and her new haircut is fabulous!

It's very cool to know that one of my blogger BFFs now has a face to put to my blog and vice versa. PD is definitely as she presents herself on her blog. There is no "persona" going on over at The Phizzle. 

It was a great, great time and I hope it's something we'll make a habit of because god knows I need that kind of conversation in my life that doesn't involve typing and emoticons. 

(Don't worry - we talked about all of y'all too!)


PhizzleDizzle said...

Haha! The great first date that wasn't a date. I like it.

Hope you have a fantastic time in Mexico, and see you when you come back!

Professor in Training said...

Haha - as long as you said nice things about me, I don't care what you said about the other bloggers!

Mimi said...

I'll admit. I am jealous. Not a single blogger buddy lives anywhere near me. Ay, me! And you have some really cool neighbors. Sounds like you had a great non-date first date.

...tom... said...


I have had the chance to get together several times with members/acquaintances/'friends' from other sites...

Two truths I bring from those meetings:

1- They are often exactly (or closely) as I expected them to be in temperament and thought...


2- We invariably wind up 'talking about' everyone else.

Glad you got the chance for a 'date'.


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