Friday, January 9, 2009

Dammit All To Hell

I'm really, REALLY mad at myself right now. 

I had 2 grad school applications left to complete because of their later deadlines. I have kept all information in a spreadsheet, columns for each school in order of the deadline. The last two had due dates of 2/1. I figured if I got them done in time for vacation, I'd be all set. 

But no, JLK went and fucked up. It turns out that one of those programs actually had a deadline of 1/2, not 2/1. SHIT!

It was the only other program in New England besides Ivy U #1. Which means that now my chances of NOT moving next year are now cut in half. Probably less than half, actually. A lot less than half....

Granted, I did not really want to go to this particular school. I did the first year of my undergrad 8 years ago at a regional campus of this school. I hated it then, and I'm sure I'd hate it now. It would be just like the MRU I graduated from, just in a different state. But I was hoping to get the option of not having to move. 

On the bright side, now I only have 1 app to finish, and that one definitely has a 2/1 deadline. (I triple checked yesterday and did everything but the personal statement).

Regardless - fucking shit fuck. 

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