Friday, January 9, 2009

Anyone Been To Mexico?

So I'm going on vacation 2 weeks from today, heading down to Puerto Morelos on the Riviera Maya. I know I've got some readers who are big travelers, and I figured I would see what y'all had to say about this area. 

What to see? What to avoid? What's a waste of money and what's totally worth it? Etc., etc., etc. 

Keep in mind, I will not have a rental car while down there. That may affect your recommendations. 

So far my only plans include the following:

1. Drink. (Let's hear it for the all-inclusive: Hip, Hip, HOORAY!) 
2. Relax.
3. Buy and smoke some Cuban cigars.
4. Swim with dolphins.
5. Horseback ride on the beach.
6. Swim in an underground river. 
7. Drink some more.


PhizzleDizzle said...

basically, drink and lie on the beach. i've been to cozumel, and that's what we did - it's sooooo nice to do when you've been working really hard.

i wouldn't swim with dolphins, or ride horses, they seem really tourist trappy (unless you have the hookups with a really bona fide organization), otherwise you just feel sad for the animals because they seem so pathetic.

there are some mayan ruins around there that are supposed to be good (which i neglected to go to because i was too busy lying on the beach in cozumel - much farther than you would be too). and the snorkeling in that area is also pretty good.

enjoy!!! have a fantasmagoric time.

Anonymous said...

don't drink the water.
lesson learned the hard way (as usual).... don't drink coffee with milky type creamer. drink coffee straight. it turns out that the 'creamer' is powdered milk with fucking water added! the whole point of me drinking the coffee was to avoid unboiled water!

take sports stuff to trade with the locals. they LOVE american sports of all kinds. when I went, I took jerseys and tshirts of yankees, phillies, and lakers, and the kids went nuts. they wore them all week. they are probably still wearing them. too cute.

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