Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football???

JLK is very excited about the playoff matches this weekend. I am not a football expert though, so please do not place bets using my analysis. If you do, I do not accept responsibility for any $$$ you may lose. I'm just sayin'. 

First up, the Tennessee Titans at the Baltimore Ravens, game starting in about an hour. This is probably going to be a close game, with the Titans eventually pulling out a win. BUT, I really want the Ravens to win, because my Steelers have a better chance against them in the next round than they do against the Titans. So root for Baltimore, but expect the Titans to pull this one out. 

Second game is the Arizona Cardinals at the Carolina Panthers later on tonight. I loved watching Arizona last weekend play their first playoff game at home in something like 60 years. They had tons of energy, some of which led to some ass-riding in the endzone which had me laughing for days. I can't seem to find a pic, but if you can find it it's hilarious. However, the Panthers are probably going to stomp the Cards. It will be a little sad for me to watch, because I don't give a flying fuck about Carolina. 

The most anticipated game of the weekend (by everyone except me) is tomorrow afternoon - the New York Giants at the Philadelphia Eagles. This is going to be a good motherfucking game. I decline to make a prediction of the outcome, because many of my friends are Giants fans and so that's who I'll be rooting for (sorry, CPP). 

And in the early evening tomorrow, my team, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers have been playing some good fucking football lately, so I think this will also be a close game. I will likely spend most of my time on my feet, screaming at the TV, pleading with Big Ben not to fuck up and cheering for Troy Polamalu and his Matrix-like takedown moves. I think (and hope) that the Steelers will bring the pain, moving on to the next round but allowing the Chargers to experience a respectable defeat rather than a slaughter. 

For now, I am off to get ready to watch the first game and enjoy some alcoholic beverages and Mario Kart Wii during halftime. I'm sure I'll be checking back into the blogosphere periodically. (Have to maintain the addiction!)

***Update #1: True to my betting disclaimer, I am 0-1 so far on my picks for the playoff games this weekend. Baltimore just beat the Titans 13-10, who played a rough game tonight. As long as the Steelers win against San Diego tomorrow, I'm expecting a very low-scoring kick-ass game next weekend. 

***Update #2: Wow. THAT was NOT supposed to happen. Arizona killed the Panthers, 30-13. Panthers QB Delhomme threw 5 interceptions!!! 5!!!!!!!!! It was not an exciting game. In my humble opinion, it is not so much that Arizona played really well as it is that Carolina just sucked tonight. Which does not make for good football watching. JLK is now 0-2, but JLK is not alone, because a lot of the so-called football experts are as surprised by today's outcomes as she is. 2 more games tomorrow - one that I did not make a prediction for, and the other is the one where if I'm wrong, I'll be too sad to blog. On second thought, it would probably just be a rant blog. 

***Update #3: Congrats to Comrade PhysioProf. The Giants absolutely sucked today. It was, in my opinion, a long series of very bad decisions by the Giants that led to their demise. It wasn't even a good game. It was just a boring pile of steaming shit for 3 hours of my life that I can't get back. 

***Update #4: Goooooooooo Steelers!!!! THAT was an awesome motherfucking game. The Chargers played well, they just got outplayed by my boys - which is the kind of football I enjoy watching. Big Ben played an incredible game, the best I can remember for a long time. They got the job done, and I had a helluva time watchin'. And now onto next weekend - let's keep that momentum and beat the Ravens!


Comrade PhysioProf said...

BUT, I really want the Ravens to win, because my Steelers have a better chance against them in the next round than they do against the Titans.

I disagree. The Titans have a substantially weaker defense than the Ravens in terms of total yards and first downs allowed by their opponents. And their offenses are roughly similar statistically.

JLK said...

Stats, schmats, CPP. I'm an emotional football fan, and I find the Titans scarier than the Ravens.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

That's wackaloon! The Ravens defense is fucking narshty!!

JLK said...

Well, we'll see. I don't really give a fuck who wins this game as long as they lose next weekend. :)

Comrade PhysioProf said...


Danimal said...

Don't worry the Ravens will so kick the Steelers ass next weekend. The Steelers just got lucky the first two games. This time it will be revenge.

scribbler50 said...

(I'll try again here, I just posted a comment and it didn't take. Maybe the person who created this system is a Ravens fan.)
So as I was saying...

Hey there, JLK, always nice to find another Steelers fan out there. And as to the upcoming showdown with the Ravens next weekend, this myth about not beating a team three times in a season (which I've been hearing non-stop since yesterday's victory) is just that, a myth, primarily in this case because the Steelers are not the same team they were in those first two games. Now they're all healthy, (chief among them Wee Willie Parker) and their renewed commitment to the run with an obviously improved O-Line will open a host of options for Big Ben, (play action, anyone?)and it will force the great Ravens defense to play us honest. They won't be able to just tee off on the quarterback. Will it be a tough game for the Steelers? HELL yes. I expect Heinz Field to be skirted by at twenty ambulances, but they won't be filled with black and gold at game's end.
Keep the faith,

JLK said...

Ooooh!! Looks like we've got some shit-talkers in the house!

Unfortunately for you, Danimal, us Steelers fans don't engage in shit-talking as we model ourselves after our team's incredible sense of sportsmanship.

So for you shit-talking Ravens fans, it has nothing to do with revenge and everything to do with karma.

And karma is a bitch, baby!

PhizzleDizzle said...

I flippin love that you watched all this football.

I frickin love football. Therefore you rock.

However, the weekend did not go as I wished. I'm going to have to reassess who I want to win next week. Bleh.

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