Friday, January 7, 2011

Mommy Needs a GD Nap

I started to write the post I really want to write the other day while D was down for a nap. I no sooner had typed the title in the appropriate box that I heard him wake up.


And then, the past few days have been straight. From. Hell.

My beautiful, darling child has had an amazing nap and sleep schedule for months now. I would typically get 3-4 short naps or 1-2 long ones every day, plus 7-8 hrs straight at night. I thrived on the predictability of his routine.

But then, this week he decided "Fuck this, Mama. I hate sleeping. I hate everything you do to try to get me to relax." And then he whines All. Damn. Day. Because he's overtired. And so am I. So we basically spend the day whining at each other.

It's great. Lots of discovery learning going on at my house. Grrrrrr........

2 hours of sleep last night for me total. No good naps for either of us today.

But he's asleep now, I hope to god he stays that way until at least 6am. In the meantime, I am going to bed. The post about my trash-picking tyke will have to wait another day.

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1 comment:

leigh said...

welcome back, JLK! glad to see you around again.

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