Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dumpster Diving

It's a good thing I'm not a germaphobe. See, my son has a walker that he absolutely loves. Now before all you crazies start telling me how it's "not safe" and "hinders development" and blah blah blah, check your facts and trust that he is never near a flight of stairs, and that n=2 does not a representative sample make.

I typically put him in it when I'm doing stuff in the kitchen such as preparing dinner, putting away dishes, all that domestic shit for which I am somehow responsible even though I also work full-time from home AND take care of the child. He enjoys tooling around the tile floor, terrorizing the cats, staring intently at the flow of water in their fountain kitty dish thing.

But his absolute favorite thing to do is a variation of this:

Fig 1: An accurate representation of my son's favorite kitchen activity.

Yes, he's a Dumpster Diver. A Trash Picker. He has knocked the goddamn thing over I don't even know how many times, gleefully pulling whatever he can get his little paws on out from the trash and then throwing it onto the floor. Fun times. 

So my husband wired the thing underneath the countertop so it can't be tipped. Great, right? Sure, except now he scoots over to it in the walker and LICKS THE EDGE OF THE CAN. 


Fig 2: No, that's not my son. But I'm afraid this is where he's headed if I let him.

So I took a picture of him doing it with my phone to show you folks, but it's at least a 15 step process to get it from the phone and onto blogger, and he isn't even licking the can in the picture so I decided it wasn't worth it. 

What kinds of crazy shit does your child do?

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Becca said...

yep. They luv the trashcans. My little guy just got enamored with ours. He likes to throw away his blocks. Now, he loves his blocks, so I'm pretty sure he's not trying to get rid of them. He just likes to see mommy get all agitated and pick them out! blargh!
Also, he eats rocks. Yep. We're sure he's gonna get a full scholarship to Hahvard.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Get the little fucker a toy trash truck. They have ones with a motorized thingie that picks the little trash can up, swings it over the top of the trash truck, and dumps little pieces of trash out of it into the truck. Then he can dump the little pieces of trash out the back of the truck, put them back into the little trash can, and start again. I have watched my nephew do this over and over for hours, laughing and screaming "TRASH! DUMP IT! TRASH! DUMP IT! HAHAHAHAHAH!"

JLK said...

@Becca - after watching The Social Network last night, I'm pretty sure your son wouldn't be the only rock-eater at Harvard. lol And wtf is so great about the trash? I just don't get it....

@CPP - LMAO! How old is your nephew? I'm hoping my son outgrows the garbage-man phase by the time he's old enough to really play with stuff. My house is enough of a mess as it is. lol

Comrade PhysioProf said...

He's two. And BTW, he was the one shouting "TRASH! DUMP IT! TRASH! DUMP IT! HAHAHAHAHAH!", not me. Apparently there are tons of little children who love to watch trash trucks on Youtube:


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Why your son loves to play with rubbish? honestly I have the same problems with my son.

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