Monday, January 3, 2011

I Love You, Doc.

So I figure the only way to get back into the habit of blogging regularly is to just do it - to stop worrying about the readers I no longer have, whether or not what I want to blog about is interesting enough or funny enough, or whatever other stupid anxiety I have. Here goes nothing.

The baby (known to you folks as "D") had his 6-month check-up today with the pediatrician. This doctor, Dr. B., is also my primary care physician. I was all Norman Rockwell Nostalgic For The Days Of Family Doctors Who Know Your Life History Etc. when I decided that our entire family would go see her for everything.

That, and she's Awesome.

She's possibly as much as a decade older than I am, but I really don't believe it's by that much. She was pregnant at the same time I was and gave birth to her son in September. My son was born in June. In the same hospital. With almost exactly the same birth story, ending in a c-section.

When we go to see her, she gives me information that is a) generally accepted by the medical community, b) currently being researched, c) researched and found to be lacking, and d) what she would do for her own baby. She's positive, she listens, she isn't condescending, and she doesn't act like a know-it-all.

Like I said, she is Awesome.

Ever since I found out she was pregnant, I began to have these delusional images of us hanging out outside of the medical practice. You know, having "baby dates" and such. It's like I have a Girl Crush. Or maybe a Mom Crush....? Nah, that seems like a bad google search waiting to happen.

But every time we go for an appointment I chicken out before asking her if she ever "hangs out" with patients. I mean, I don't want to be the Weird Mom Who Asked Out The Doc. So today I swore to myself I would at least put some feelers out there to assess the possibility. (Again, sounding dirty.....yikes.)

I made some small talk about her baby, she told me about a few gifts he got for Christmas including these (which now I want for my son):

And so I asked "What does his Dad do?" because I was genuinely curious and expected her to say something either totally unexpected like "he works construction," or totally anticipated like "molecular biologist." What she actually said was....

"Oh, I'm not married. I'm doing this on my own."

I responded with the words that popped into my head immediately: "Wow! Good for you! That's awesome!"

I am so lame.

Because as her baby screams from the next room where she nurses him in-between patients, I'm sure she's thinking "Isn't this so awesome???"

I'm surprised I didn't throw in a "Girl Power!" and a high-five. FML.

So now I'm even MORE enthralled with this woman, because she grows even more fascinating to me with every visit. Now I want to ask how other people tend to react when they find out she's doing it on her own, did she use a sperm donor, how did she choose said sperm donor, how is she finding working with the baby in tow because I do it at home and it sucks but at least she has a nanny, etc., etc., etc.

Dr. B., you're just so much damn cooler than me.

Ummm......can we maybe hang out sometime?

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Comrade PhysioProf said...

Glad you're posting again and doing well!!!!!!!!

Psych Post Doc said...

Since I had my son, I've really found renewed respect for single parents. This stuff is tough, I can't even imagine doing it on my own. Your Dr sounds really amazing.

JLK said...

Thanks, CPP!! Glad to see you're still stopping by!

@PPD - how old is your son? I also can't imagine doing it by myself. Even though I do it alone most of the day, it's such a relief to have my husband come home and take the baby, even for just an hour, so I can get something done.

Mommy Shorts said...

I have no idea how people do it themselves. I guess if you never know another way, then maybe you don't think about it. At the very least, there is nobody to argue with about parenting differences and the balance of responsibilities.

There was a woman in my birthing class that was doing it herself with twins in a 5th floor walk-up. My response also was: COOL!

And one more thing— I totally want to be friends with my dermatologist. It's never gonna happen though— she is out of my league.

JLK said...

@MommyShorts - that's exactly what I was thinking. We all just do what we have to do, so if you're doing it on your own you're simply doing more than others.

Like that mom with the twins. I mean, wow. Wow.

And a big LOL @ your dermatologist being out of your league! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Anonymous said...

I was reading this on my pump break and nearly lost my seat when I read that she was doing it on her own. I can't imagine. Amazed. Completely amazed.

Psych Post Doc said...

A little late to the party but my son is now 8.5 months (born July 5th). :)

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