Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well, I had my phone interview for SFRSHS West today. It was an hour and a half long. I think it went really well, but of course I can't be sure. 

I did not BS her, because that's just not my style. If she asked me if I had experience with something and I didn't, I told her so. I think I did well with explaining how my work experience fits with many of the tasks that the person in this position is required to do. 

What always throws me for a loop in interviews is when I am asked a question that has an obvious "right" answer, such as "How do you find you work under pressure?" Truthfully, I am the kind of person who thrives under pressure, but when I give that answer I feel like the interviewer thinks I'm saying that because I know it's the right answer. I hate that, because I AM being honest. 

I also worry that I talk too much in phone interviews. I try to make sure that I am answering the question as clearly and completely as possible, and I also have an awareness that THIS is my chance to make an impression on this person. I find myself struggling with competing internal demands to both be concise and thorough. Thorough almost always wins out. 

I really am perfect for this position. Seriously, I'm not just saying that. I was myself throughout, I made her laugh quite a few times (assuming it wasn't just polite laughter, who knows when it's on the phone), and I think I answered her questions the best I could. I did not mention at all what this position could do for me except when I was specifically asked what my personal goals for this job would be and why I want it. 

If I had it to do over again I would probably try to be a little more concise in my answers, but it's very difficult to do that when you're being asked questions on-the-fly about something you feel very passionate about. This, I think, is a skill I will have to work on over time. 

So it's one step at a time. I think I did well enough to move on to the second round of interviews and will find out around the end of next week. But if I didn't, it will be because they have a candidate with better qualifications than mine and that's okay. 

Goddamn do I want this job. The research coming out of this lab is so GOOD and airtight and so freaking relevant to the world and the big picture! This is research that makes a difference! It would be a privilege to get exposed to this world and to be able to make valuable contributions to the research team at the institution. 

I feel like I'm on American Idol. I made it through the first round of auditions and Simon Cowell was like "This chick can sing, let's send her to Hollywood!" And I've made it past that first week of Hollywood auditions and now I'm waiting to find out if I'm in the top 10 girls. 

Fingers crossed!


Professor in Training said...

That's awesome news! Congrats.

Ambivalent Academic said...

My fingers are crossed too.

...tom... said...

"I made her laugh quite a few times (assuming it wasn't just polite laughter, who knows when it's on the phone)..."

That sounds promising; at least you were both in a relaxed mood and probably communicating well with each other.

Sounds good for you, I will also cross my fingers for your best result..!!


Candid Engineer said...

Good job, sounds like you handled it well, and I'll keep my legs crossed for you.

Comrade Physioprof said...

Sounds great! The fact that the interview went on for such a long time is a very good sign!! If you weren't doing well, the interviewer would have just terminated it quickly.

Psych Post Doc said...

Way to go. Sounds like a perfect interview. I agree that phone interviews are so hard to balance but the fact that you talked for 1.5 hours and made her laugh are really good signs. I have everything crossed that you get good news at the end of the week.

No matter how this turns out, you should be proud that you got an interview. I've hired for these types of positions before and they gets hundreds of applications!! The fact that you made it through this first round is a HUGE deal.

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