Friday, May 22, 2009

Holy Crap!!!!

I have a phone interview for Awesome Job at SFRSHS West!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it's a whole new ballgame. Back to on-the-spot rocking instead of spending hours perfecting cover letters. OMG. 

Advice? Anyone?

Got to see my husband today too! Freaking finally! He kicked some serious ass down here and I'm so proud of him I don't know what to do with myself. 

But driving in this city is an absolute nightmare. It seems all straightforward, but there's this whole "loop" concept that I am just not familiar with. In New England we do turnpikes and exit ramps and on-ramps. To go south on the highway, you head south and so forth. This crap is just weird. 

Okay, need to go to bed now. Like I can sleep!!!


Professor in Training said...

Awesome - congratulations!

Re the phone interview: make sure you're somewhere where you feel comfortable but that is also quiet and distraction-free. Have notes with you about the person/people/lab that are interviewing you - what they do, what they've published, etc - make sure you know who you'll be speaking to before they call. Also have a list of questions you want to ask - questions other than "can you hire me, pleeeeeease?" Duration of position, duties, expectations, salary, etc. Make sure you have a pen/paper handy to jot down notes and a water bottle within reach to help with the dry cottonwool-mouth. And take a deep breath before you answer the phone and try to relax!

I'm sure you'll do great :)

Ambivalent Academic said...


Good luck!

Toaster Sunshine said...

Be intelligible and good luck!

Comrade Physioprof said...


Just remember, your *only* goal right now is to get the job offer. Once you have the offer, then you can start asking more important questions like hours, vacation, sick days, etc. Employers for positions like this are looking for someone who is interested in the science, but they don't really care that you have your own ideas about that scientific area, and could be put off if you start expressing strong opinions about the science.

Stick to what you have to offer them, and don't get into what they have to offer you.


Hermitage said...

You go girl!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Psych Post Doc said...

Great job!! I'm so excited for you.

Great advice from PIT and PP, nothing to add.

Candid Engineer said...

Good for you, congrats. I second PP's sage advice. :)

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