Friday, November 28, 2008


Just an update on my horrible situation with Professor #3. I sent the following email on Tuesday:

Dear Dr. X,

I have decided to go ahead and mail in my application packet. The first
will go out tomorrow because of the 12/1 deadline.

The other application that requires the letter to be mailed as part of
the application materials is the University of X, due on 12/15.
Because this is one of my top choice schools, I intend to mail it out
on Tuesday 12/2. If you are able to get the letter for this program to
me by Monday 12/1, I will mail it in with the materials. Otherwise, I
am going to include a letter to the admissions committee explaining
that due to unforeseen circumstances, the 3rd letter has been delayed
and I will mail it to them as soon as it is available. In that case, I
will drop off a fully-addressed, stamped envelope with the required
cover sheet in your mailbox on Tuesday 12/2 so that it can be
mailed to them directly when you are ready.

It is my hope that this course of action will both reduce my stress and
the burden that I have placed on you. I appreciate your willingness to
write on my behalf more than you could ever know, particularly because
I have spent much more time with you one-on-one than any other
professor at MRU other than my advisor.

I understand that this is an incredibly busy time for you, especially
with the end of the semester and finals coming up. The letter that I
included in the packet I provided you on 10/10 includes a list of all
the programs and their due dates. If, for any reason, you do not feel
that you will be able to complete the letters by the due dates, (6 of
them are due on 12/15), please let me know as soon as possible so that
I can try to make other arrangements in time.

Thank you, and have a happy Thanksgiving!


Well, for those of you keeping up with this drama, Dr. X said last friday that they would email me this week and let me know when I can pick up the letter.

Not only have I not heard from Dr. X in that regard, I have not heard a response to this email either.

Why me? Seriously. So much for Jedi manipulations of guilt.


Silver Fox said...

This seems unacceptable, at worst like you're dealing with an absent-minded sort of prof. Is there any way you can come up with a replacement third letter-writer? Does your advisor have any ideas? Hope he/she gets the thing done soon, like now.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Your faculty advisor and/or the graduate placement administrators at your University should be intervening with this professor on your behalf. Provision of recommendation letters is an absolute obligation in academia, and negligent or intentional refusal to meet this obligation is inexcusable.

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