Friday, February 11, 2011

Why Can't Someone.....

...make Nyquil for babies???

First, I got sick. Then the baby started coughing and sneezing. My husband followed suit.

The last time D was sick you couldn't even tell if it weren't for how congested he sounded. This time he's miserable and refuses to sleep, waking up every hour/hr and a half last night. He was supposed to go to my mother's today because I had traveling to do for work, but I ended up keeping him home and cancelling my meetings.

Thankfully he doesn't have a fever, at least not yet. But he's so miserable, the poor thing. And all I want/need him to do is rest but he just can't seem to relax. I'm nursing him constantly to give him as many of my antibodies as I can, which feels like robbing Peter to pay Paul. But hey, Paul is more important.

But seriously.....Nyquil for babies would be Awesome. I would invest right now in that R & D.

I have some posts in mind for you guys if I get a free moment today or this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for my well-being.

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Anonymous said...

Oh noes!!! I hope D gets to feeling better soon. I'm just praying Monkey doesn't get what I've got right now...not sure I'm ready for a sick baby yet! (but really, when are you ready ;P)

The Empress said...


Followed you over here from Mommyshorts b/c I think you are so funny.

Those are my favorite kind of moms: the funny ones.

Not that you always have to be funny for me, I like recipes, too.

JLK said...

@ Dr. O - Nope, you're never ready. Because you'll prepare for the worst and it won't be so bad, and then next time you'll think it's no big deal and it will be god-awful. We're on Round God-Awful.

@ The Empress - Thanks! What a coincidence - my favorite kind of moms are moms who think I'm funny! j/k. Well, sorta j/k..... I hope you find my page here worthy of sticking around. :)

Mommy Shorts said...

We are sick too! It SUCKS. If you invent Baby Nyquil, please send some my way. Then I won't be tempted to give her a shot of the hard stuff.

Alyssa said...

Ugh, that sucks :( Hope D feels better soon!

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