Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Things I Miss Most

Ah, I remember JLK back in B.C. (read: Before Child). I will have these things again, but while my son is still an infant I will miss them and remember them fondly.

1. Free time. Now, whenever I am not tending to the baby I am running around the house trying to clean, do endless piles of laundry, run to the grocery store, take a quick shower. And, oh yeah, WORK. I miss staring at the wall sometimes and being all "I'm bored."

mi annoio.

2. Sleeping. I think this one speaks for itself, but seriously? The biggest fear I have about having another child is that I might Never. Sleep. Again! And I used to sleep til 1pm on the weekends. Man, those were the days.....

3. Drinking. Actually, this one should say "the enjoyment of drinking" because I can still drink in moderation and even over-indulge if I have bottles lined up with the babysitter and the pump on hand, but it's not the same. I'm all boring responsible now and start to get paranoid if I even have a slight buzz that something will happen and I'll be That Mom In The News that everyone tsks at. No thanks. I'll wait until he's in college and then go on a bender. 

4. Drawing/Painting/Coloring, etc. Ha! Caught you off-guard with that one, didn't I? Me too when it hit me the other day. When inspiration would strike, I used to pull out all my art supplies and sit for hours and hours doing a single work all in one shot. Now I have to write blog posts over the course of 3-4 days, for crying out loud! And I have this super-sweet coloring book I got a little while back too that mellows me the heck out when I have the time to sit down with it. (See left panel. If you ignore the fake-Twilight theme, the coloring pages themselves are pretty sweet.)

5. Going Out Just Because I Feel Like It. To the store. To Starbucks. Even to the goddamn post office. Now I only get one day a week to do that while my mom watches the rugrat. But see #1 above - I usually spend that time working on the house, aka The Money Pit.

I love that movie. Especially now that we have a house. That reminds roof is probably collapsing from all this GD snow and ice!

Now tell me, peeps, what are the things you miss most, Before Children, Before Grad School, or perhaps even just Before Adult Responsibility?

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Alyssa said...

I totally hear you. I remember saying "I'm bored" before my son was born...sigh...I miss those days. The biggest thing I miss the most was being able to do what I wanted when I wanted. Reading, knitting, going for a walk, going out for coffee, whatever. Now everything needs to be scheduled around feeding and pumping. It's exhausting!

Micro Dr. O said...

I miss going out. Hubby and I haven't been on a date since Monkey was born. I don't need a whole night out - we weren't all that exciting of a couple even before I was pregnant. But the idea of the two of us having dinner somewhere, without the Monkey, seems really nice. One of the major cons of living so far away from family.

JLK said...

@ Alyssa - doesn't it feel like building the pyramids sometimes? A neverending cycle of feeding and pumping and diaper changing and trying to fit some sleep in somewhere that never seems to make any progress toward ANYthing? The word "ennui" has transformed into the most coveted state of being I can imagine. LOL Screw enlightenment & inner peace - I want to be BORED!

@ Dr. O - I don't know what I'd do if my mom and sister weren't fairly close by. I mean, we also didn't really go out all that much before we had D, but I think it's more about the option. Not even having the option to just go out as a couple is a tough transition I think.

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