Friday, April 24, 2009

Motherfucking Pharma Part II

I was so worked up about the cost of that gel yesterday that I forget to tell you about this little gem:

Yup, for $100 every six weeks you can have longer, thicker eyelashes via a prescription medication. 

And it works. The PA's in the doctor's office showed me their own before & after pictures. 

Someone, somewhere, took an assload of research $ and used it to develop a drug that would make our eyelashes grow, while I'm paying $400 for an antibiotic gel for my face. 

And the really sad part is? I kind of want it. 

1 comment:

leigh said...

yeah, that was an unexpected side effect that they decided to exploit for profit. (so was viagra, fwiw!)

step 1. unexpected side effect perceived as good.
step 2. ?
step 3. PROFIT!!

sorry for the gratuitous south park reference.

there's an entry about it somewhere in the terra sig archives if you care to search.

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