Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Like I'm a Yo-Yo

Got this response today:

Hello JLK:

I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting your letters-of-recommendation out.
I've contacted one of my senior colleagues at Ivy U #1, and also will contact all of
your other schools on Monday to notify them about the delay on my part.

Although some personal matters got in the way, I don't excuse myself for delaying
your letters. Still, knowing a little about grad admissions, and knowing some of the
faculty that you're applying to wok with, I can only assure you that
they will not in anyway discard or fail to read and fully evaluate your application
just because one of your referees did not get their letter in on time. Moreover,
admissions committees know well enough that applicants do not control the faculty
who write letters on their behalf. So, I know and trust they will not hold my delay
against you. I'm notifying the programs because I wish to highlight that you and my
two other students warrant the apology, and I want the admissions committees to know
that under present circumstances I've had to say no and back out of letter writing
this semester. But you are one of the exceptions that I chose to make.

Anyway, again, I don't excuse the delay, but I do hope you understand that your
applications will not be delayed by these recommendation letters. On Monday, I will
finish contacting your schools/programs and confirm that they have electronic mail
and fax copies of your letters.

- Dr. X.

Seriously, it's like I have this bipolar relationship with him. I've gone back and forth between wanting to scream at him and wanting to bear hug him this semester like a hundred times. 

I know that this is nothing compared to the stress of being in grad school - I just keep hoping I'm gonna get to take a break for at least a few months before I start a program, ya know?

Goddamn. Is this how air traffic controllers feel most days?


Professor in Training said...

That's awesome news and I'm very glad that Dr X has taken it upon himself to contact the schools to explain the situation. Still, I can help but think that if he had written the letters when first asked, he would have saved a lot less time and effort on his part.

Go and get drunk as you had originally planned but make it an celebratory binge instead!

leigh said...

woohoo! no need to mobilize your personal army, now go get that drink and have a couple for me too!

Anonymous said...

Please promise us that you won't ask Dr. X for any more letters... ever.

Now is a good time to get shitfaced.

merry christmas.

PhizzleDizzle said...

Wooohooo, I'm so glad he's going to come through for you in the end. I think he is right though, this will not impact your applications, so that's good.

I'm with the others, go get (happy) drunk instead of (pissed) drunk and have a great holiday!!!

BTW - grad school is a yo-yo for a few years you get accustomed to it...i've been up and down so many times over the last few months it's not even funny. But the important thing is that when you are down you DO NOT GIVE UP. Otherwise you ensure there will be no up following the down.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!!!

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