Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Learned From Experience....

If you start feeding your baby the same meals you serve the adults at your dinner table and he/she enjoys them, you will feel quite a sense of pride and accomplishment that your cooking skills apparently pass muster among the toothless set.

But then just like the warning about feeding your pets table scraps, whenever you sit down to try and enjoy a meal or a snack for yourself, your child will whine and beg like a dog until you give him/her some.

Dammit, Rover!


NO KITTY! This is MY pot pie!!!!!

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Becca said...

lol so true. so very true. I giggle because of the cartman. My little guy *loves* to eat my pot pies (though, in fairness, it's not like I cook them from scratch. maybe I should give that a try someday...).

online pharmacy said...

discipline is the secret of a good pet there's no doubt about it!

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