Sunday, February 7, 2010

Travel Writing

I've always liked the idea of being a travel writer, though being married certainly would make it difficult. I spent a lot of time this past vacation in Punta Cana comparing the 3 tropical locations I have visited as an adult and the hotels we chose at each. I decided I felt inspired to write up a little something about each.

Maybe someone looking for the perfect getaway will stumble across my blog and get some useful information from it that they couldn't glean from other sources.

3 posts, 3 countries, 3 cultures, 3 hotels.

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Honeymoon bed breakfast said...

Travel Writing is a good habit to write down and narrate everything about the journey. It is much interesting and informative to the readers and raise curiosity in them to travel and explore the world. It is a much excellent thing to provide useful and valuable information to the readers prior to make a journey.

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