Tuesday, August 25, 2009

House Hunting

I'm super excited, but trying to keep myself grounded in reality and not get my hopes up. I went to look at a house yesterday that's in foreclosure - normally I've just been looking at houses on the traditional market. But despite the fact that my realtor said this one needs a lot of work, I asked her to humor me and take me to see it.

Oh. My. God. It needs work, no question. But this house has every possible thing that A and I could ever want in a house - over 2400 sq ft, inground pool, sunroom, outdoor hot tub and fireplace, English garden with fruit trees, master bath with a corner jacuzzi and 2 person glass-enclosed corner shower, finished basement not included in sq footage, big yard, huge heated garage, fireplace, recessed lighting, contemporary style. We could NOT afford this house if it was not owned by the bank.

I am in love.

And because it's a foreclosure that needs work, it's priced not much higher than what we paid for our condo over 2 years ago. So we could AFFORD the work!

We're hoping that it won't turn out to be Pandora's Box. We know it needs a lot of cosmetics, electrical, possibly plumbing, and definitely a new roof. But as long as the heating system is okay and there are no structural problems, we are all over this house like white on rice.

We both love projects. The other house on the top of my list is double the price but absolutely pristine. I love that one too, but I think we'd be bored with it considering that it doesn't even need paint (it's already in the color scheme I would choose.) It doesn't have any of the extras, but it's a really nice house.

But the foreclosure. Oh my word. It has so much damn potential to be an amazing house - the kind of house that my teenage children's friends would come to visit and think we're rich or something. Not that I care about that sort of thing, but I do look forward to impressing people with our pure blood, sweat, and tears.

I saw a shooting star last night while I was telling my husband about it. I'm not really into those cosmic sorts of things, but it was so low in the sky and happened at exactly the time I looked up. I really hope it's a good omen.


Comrade Physioprof said...

Sounds awesome!

Make sure you have the pool *thoroughly* inspected. Pools that look ok can turn out to need tens of thousands of dollars of repairs.

Psych Post Doc said...

Best of luck. Hoping the home inspection turns up great news!

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